Wayne Rooney reckons Manchester United's win at Arsenal may be a turning point

"It's a very important victory," Rooney said on Sky Sports 1. "We weathered the storm at times, especially first half. “Then we knew we could hit them on the counter-attack, we knew they were vulnerable on the break.”

Louis van Gaal praises David De Gea after Manchester United beat Liverpool

“You can always say that some players are the most influential in a game and, of course, David De Gea had a big influence,” United manager Van Gaal told Sky Sports. “The balls were in his capacity, but he did it very well. I can mention other players who were also very good and had a big influence in this game today.” he added.

Juan Mata strike gives Manchester United win over Crystal Palace

Juan Mata climbed off the bench to lift Manchester United into sixth spot in the Premier League with a 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Carrick: Now watch Falcao go

"He's scored so many goals over the years and you always feel that when he gets that chance he will score” , "He's scored a terrific header again today and I'm pleased for him." , "After being out for a bit that's him back and hopefully he can go on a bit of a streak for us" Carrick told MUTV.

Robin van Persie calls for improvement

Van Persie said: "I don't think we played our best football today" , "We were a bit sloppy here and there. We fought hard and in the end we nicked it. It was a tough game. They have a good team so we knew what to expect, but I think it's our fifth straight victory so we are on the way up."
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The winner Mariam Alshtail

Once again the little United fan has won her second prize in two years, this time around she won a signed boot by the one and only Wayne Rooney, the highest player to score against Arsenal.

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