Musc Kuwait

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Our Story

It all started back in 2007, when a Facebook Group was created try gathering the scattered United fans in Kuwait. It wasn’t until 2008 that we actually met up formally met the co-founders at Old Trafford! We realised that although there was a huge United followers in Kuwait, yet, they were totally disconnected. Hence, We decided to create a Manchester United Supporters Club in Kuwait that may help connect the United fans with each other. After having several discussions with United, on 23rd June, 2011, we laid the foundation of Manchester United Supporters Club in Kuwait. In a country like Kuwait, it was very difficult to get something like this started. We had to visit various cafes in Kuwait where the games were broadcasted and tried to explain the benefits of having an Official Manchester United Supporters Club in Kuwait. And boy! It was difficult! Here, It took us a while but on 27th Nov, 2012 we were granted the Official Status by Manchester United Football Club

Club Information

Manchester United Supporters Club was established in 2011 after a few Manchester United supporters, felt that the State of Kuwait had many United fans but was missing a body that would act as a link between Manchester United Football Club and the supporters. Hence, the idea was put up to form a Supporters Club that would bring the fans closer to the club, brings that fans closer to each other and would promote and encourage the support of Manchester United Football Club in the country.

With the dedication, hard work and passion of the Manchester United fans in Kuwait, the dream of being the Official Manchester United Supporters Club Kuwait was turned to reality.

On the 27th November, 2012, Manchester United Football Club gave the official recognition to Manchester United Supporters Club.

Manchester United Supporters Club Kuwait was the first ever official fans organization of any sports team in Kuwait. The club is now running as an organization and is gaining popularity day by day.

The club’s vision for the future is to hold events with maximum fans involvement and to travel in groups to Old Trafford to watch United play. Some members have never visited Old Trafford but are extremely passionate supporters. This is a big motivation for the Supporters Club and its members to gain official status in order to help them visit the home of Manchester United.